Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery

Aesthetic vaginal surgery involves aesthetic and functional reshaping of the labia and the vulva. These procedures are performed when a women is uncomfortable with the appearance of her genitalia or is having discomfort in clothing swimsuits, exercise or intimate moments.

These procedures can correct :

  • Enlarged or misshapen labia minora
  • Enlarged or bulging labia majora
  • Changes to the labia minora and majora after childbirth  or menopause

Aesthetic vaginal surgery usually combines vaginoplasty (“tightening of the vagina”) and/or labiaplasty reshaping of the labia, the inner lips of the vagina.


For a vaginoplasty, incisions are made to the mucosal walls inside the vagina. For the labiaplasty , incisions are made to the labia minora or majora so that excess tissue can be removed.


Childbirth or aging can cause enlargement or misshaping of the labia. For other women, the shape and size of their labia  is a condition they are born with.

This procedure, the most common of vaginal aesthetic surgeries, involves reducing the size and protrusion of the inner lips or labia minora. Labiaplasty is performed by removing redundant labial tissue along the ruffed edge.

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